Interference Screw

  • Provide strong mechanical fixation for both bone-patellar tendon-bone (BTB) and soft tissue graft in ACL and PCL reconstruction.
  •  PEEK Interference Screw feature a thread pattern that allows for a simple surgical technique, with miniman tunnel preparation.
  •  With a modulus similar to cotical bone, PEEk polymer exhibits an ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness, together with a bio-intert nature and MRI compatibility,
  •  All in sterile pachaging.

 Why we prefer PEEK meterial on producing Interference Screw ?

  •  PEEK srew with the closest character to bone structure,Reduce risk of pain due to implant micromotion,
  •  PEEK is more resistant than Biocomposite and PLLA,
  •  Bioabsorbable is easy to revise compared to the screws
  •  The foreign substance does not react.



  •  ACL Repair
  •  Ligament reconstruction
  •  Distal Biceps tendon repair
  •  Prximal biceps tendon repair
  • Lateral and medial cholateral ligament reconstruction
  •  SCL
  •  UCL

  •  Achilles tendon repair
  • KLR
  •  Lateral ST,FDL and FHL tendon repair