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What is the advantages of Adjustable Loop Button ?

  •  The adjustable femoral cortical fixation system provides adjustable cortical fixation for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruvtion.
  •  No need for multiple implant sizes.Single implant option for entrie tunnel length
  •  The implant has a variable knot length structure that allows the tendon within the tunnel to be adjusted with optimum tension.
  •  The implant is made of Titanium
  •  The loop is made by UHMWPE ( Ultra High Moleculer Weight Poliethilen) meterial and  our special design of braiding will icreases the performance and transportation characteristics of the loop.
  •  We offer strong pulling force.
  •  Pulling sutures are in Different colors to avoid confusion durin processing.


  •  Adjustable Femoral Cortical Fixation System is designed for graft femoral cortical attachment