About Us

Who is Onarge???

    We are part of a company group. Our story start as a tooling company. We were provide technical support for many medical company for improving their production quality. In 2007 our group invest for an spine implant manufacturer company. Today we have more than 250 people, in production, sales and managementing.

    With our spine implant range; we are fare away market leader in Turkish market.

    With a big experience, with our new developed Arthroscopy implants, we are increasing market share. We are focus  to reach the largest market share in 2 years with our new developemets.

    You may find a large spectrum of trauma plates ,external fixators, intramodulary nailing systems.Our

    Our Arthroplasty range will be ready in a shorth time .Primary knee ,revision knee and large range of primary and revision hip range will be waiting CE approval for marketing.

     We hope you will join our marketing team. 

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You are not alone. Our professional team, is ready for developing your market with you. Please get an appointment from us. We are attending many congress and exibitions in worldwide. One of them might be near you.

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We are very glad to see you in our company. Please contact with our sales team and visit our facility.

Spine Implants

Spine Implants
With a large product range
Do you know we are the largest spine implant manifacturer and provider in Turkey. We are very glad to make an presentation in our factory.


16 years experience
We are a young company with old memory. We invest for, experienced people. We designed, and produce alarge range of trauma implants.We are very glad to make an presentation in our factory.


5 years experience
We are providing a range of Arthroscopy implants, since 2012. We are invest for, developing new products. Today, we are ready for join the game.


Coming SOON
A grate range of Primary and revision knee and hip will be on the market soon. Please contact with our team for more information.